Savino Mazzuocco aka Senior Beat Box

November 29, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Let There Be Light and Senior Beat Box produce Bent Parallels

In 2018, the band, Let There Be Light, released a collaboration album with Savino Mazzuocco aka Senior Beat Box, the atmospheric-techno-electronic Bent Parallels. Mazzuocco and LTBL member, Piero Frenguelli, have produced many jam sessions together. Eventually the sessions evolved into full on band jams and the album is a culmination of the 'best of'. Toronto publication, BlogTO wrote about one of the shows, Frenguelli and Mazzuocco did together. In this video, Mazzuocco explains how he got into electronic music production, what instruments/tools he uses, and talks about how he got together with LTBL to produce Bent Parallels. For more on Frenguelli, visit his ambient project site, Agencies. For Senior Beat Box, check out his SoundCloud and his Youtube Channel.

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